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Increasing and creating awareness around all topics datasecurity, cybersecurity. 

With knowledge comes power, Driven by smart individuals wanting to do good, we empower all our team with security training to stay cyber safe and ultimately educate the greater public on the matters the truly matter. It’s what we do every day — educating individuals and organizations to defend themselves from cybercrime and equipping everyone with skills and confidence so the good guys can come out on top.

Since the mid 2000's datasecurity-event.com has been a name that has came, gone and reappeared, and now the control is back in the hands of those who truly care about the topics at hand

Datasecurity-event.com is a cyber events, news & awareness platform. Serving CyberSecurity, DataSecurity papers, tools guides & news articles.

Every single time you use the Internet, you face choices related to your security. Friends can be selected, links clicked, websites accessed, and wireless networks can be joined. Your security and the security of the world depends on making secure online decisions. Making the Internet more safe and secure requires all of us to take responsibility for our own cybersecurity posture.